is tons?
> tons is a wallet for power users

It is a cross-platform application and command-line interface to maintain any type of wallet on the TON network on desktops and servers. Works with Windows/Mac/Linux.
tons supports desktop, server applications and cold wallets
A desktop wallet is a special application that you download onto your desktop. Your private keys are stored directly on your desktop, along with other security features. You can easily manage wallets from the command line. They have a user-friendly interface which makes them convenient for beginners. You can store your coins, trade them, transfer them, or even stake them in a matter of a couple of clicks.
Desktop Use
Hardware wallets provide security by completely avoiding the disclosure of private keys on the Internet. They store private keys on a physical device in an offline environment and work just like a flash drive. This provides an extra layer of security compared to wallets that are stored on devices connected to the internet.
Cold wallet
Server Use
If you use wallets on the server, tons can be a useful tool. Due to the fact that it is a console utility, you can use it on any Linux server. (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)
YubiKey keystore support
Tonconnect v2
Release v1.0.0
✅ 02/08/2023
Multisignature and Highload wallets
Whales staking
Desktop GUI interface